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Introducing the Latest Upgrades to our Simulator
Photo: Apr 27, 2023; Kansas City, MO, USA; A general view of the screen before a draft pick in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft at Union Station. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Introducing the Latest Upgrades to our Simulator

Discover the enhanced NFLDraftBuzz Simulator, now with advanced features to boost your experience as the virtual GM of your favorite NFL team.

Customizable Randomness Factor

Responding to numerous requests, we've now introduced a user-adjustable randomness factor to the CPU's draft pick selection. This feature offers four settings:
1. Consistently selects the optimal player for each team, considering their specific positional needs.
2. Introduces a degree of unpredictability, aligning closely with our predictions for the draft.
3. Expect the unexpected: occasional surprising picks and top prospects dropping in the rankings.
4. Utterly unpredictable – picture a scenario where all the GMs had ten beers before the draft. This mirrors that level of unpredictability.

Create an NFL Draft Buzz account to safeguard all your mock drafts. Registering is simple, either through the 'Register' button or post-draft, ensuring all your drafts are stored in one place.
Show off your mocks individually or share your entire mock draft collection with other users.
Also, after an oversight, we realized after it was pointed out by a confused user that we had no reset password facility. We do now!

Trade Console: Dynamic Trading Like Never Before

Our new trade console transforms trading interactions, letting you propose and adjust trades based on our insightful trade value meter. Experience the excitement and strategy of draft-day trading like never before.

Scout Players Within the App: In-Depth Player Analysis

Responding to user requests, we've integrated player scouting directly within the simulator. Access comprehensive player profiles without leaving the app, enriching your drafting strategy.

Draft Tracker: Stay Informed in Real-Time

The Draft Tracker keeps you informed about every draft move as it happens. Track recent and upcoming picks, allowing for strategic planning throughout the draft.

Available Prospects: Your Guide to Top Talent

In the Available Prospects section, find the best players for your team, organized by position and ranked by NFL DRAFT BUZZ rating. Explore player profiles to make well-informed draft decisions.

Team Console: Your Draft Choices at a Glance

The Team Console gives you an overview of your draft selections. Reflect on your choices and keep an eye on upcoming picks to stay ahead in your draft planning.

Trade Console: Mastering the Trade Game

Use the 'Offer Trade' feature to propose trades. Assess team needs, explore assets, and make trade offers. Our trade value meter helps gauge the value and likelihood of acceptance, with the option to toggle trades on or off for complete control.

Trade Value Charts: Tailor Your Trade Tactics

Choose from multiple trade value charts, like the Standard "Jimmy Johnson" chart, Fitzgerald-Spielberger, Rich Hill, Harvard, and Chase Stuart charts, to inform your trading strategy.

Coming Soon: Build Your Own Big Board

Exciting news for our users: soon, you'll be able to build your own big boards. This upcoming feature will empower you to rank players based on your own evaluations and preferences, adding another layer of personalization and strategy to your mock drafts.

Your Drafting Edge: A Future of Unlimited Possibilities

Try it now - the NFLDraftBuzz NFL Mock Draft Simulator is more than just a tool; it's your gateway to an unparalleled drafting experience. With our latest features and more on the horizon, you're equipped to take on the role of a top NFL GM. Get ready to explore, strategize, and dominate your mock drafts like never before!